Sunday, July 14, 2019

Scary Fireworks

I left you after that great beach day on July 4th.  That night we had our annual dinner at Aunt Judy's house.  
 Sometimes he likes dogs, sometimes not.  Don't really know the difference.  
 Alexa was good with the boys.  
 Stickers for everyone.  

 It was nice to see everyone.  
 The kids were having fun but it was time to head out for the fireworks.  
 We were going to bring the boys even though it was late but Eli heard a random bang outside and started crying so that was it.  I took the older 2 to the beach.  We passed by a lit up Grateful Dead mosaic!  Love it.  
 The Margate fireworks are decent just kind of far.  
 We sat out with friends.  People were setting off their own fireworks all around us.  We just had sparklers and glowing necklaces.  

 Cool shot of Aden twirling the necklaces.  

 Sydney isn't down as much because she's on a swim team.
 Friday morning, I took Ariel over to Amy's parent's so she could work on a craft with Eva and Gwen.  

 Then it was beach time.  The twins were excited to go back in the water but it was very different.  The waves were rougher so they didn't go in.  

 Back to the pool.  

 The day wasn't over yet!

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