Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dolphins Everywhere!

So they last few days were 100 degrees and sunny.  Right now, it's cool and absolutely pouring.  Hopefully, this will take away the heat.  We went to a 40th birthday party tonight.  Aden had a summer band concert, so it was a busy night.  These pics are from last Sunday.  I didn't take many pics during the week so I'm dragging these out.  

Chilling out early.  
 We ate a bit then headed out.  
 We drove to the end of the Island at the point in Longport.  
 We walke dout pretty far.  
 The birthday boy!

 There were people swimming out from the bay and going into the ocean.  Turns out it was a race around the island.  The craziest part was there were dolphins jumping around them!  I guess the dolphins were curious.  Of course I didn't have my good camera.  
 This is the last house on the island.  

 After this they left.  
 We headed to the pool for a bit.  

 My parents made us dinner then we headed home.  

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