Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

First day of camp for Aden and Ariel was last Monday!  Yay Southampton Summer Day Camp!  They were both so excited.  
 The twins started camp the next day.  Poor guys had to go to the dentist.  They both did really well!
 They retired the dragon and got a dog.  
 Eli was a little scared but way better than before.  
 Both of them have all 20 teeth!
 They got to hang out with Marty afterwards.  
 After work, I took them to the library to play a little.  

 Back to basketball!  Remember last week Noah wouldn't do it but Eli would.  Well this time it was totally reversed.  Noah was great!

 Eli started out with the group, then he just sat with us.  

 Great job Noah!

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