Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ariel and Maddie

It's Thursday night.  And it was a beautiful night.  I hung out with Todd and Chad on the patio of the new Irish Pub in Richboro.  It was the first time in ages you could be outside and it felt so nice and actually cool.  Here's another short post so I can go to bed.  We've had some crazy rain storms.  This was at work, we got flooded pretty quickly.  
 This was after camp last Wednesday.  
 They woke up in time to go to basketball.  Both boys played at least part of the time.  

 Let's roll down the hill!

 Ariel had book club on Thursday.  She loves her Maddie.  
 We had dinner with Maddie and her mom at friends.  
 Eli singing Mama Mia.  Have a great weekend!

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