Monday, July 29, 2019

Hot Day 2

It's Monday night.  It was too humid and buggy to play outside.  It's the 6th week of camp already!  It's going too fast.  Amy and I have to go watch the Bachelorette so I'm going to blast this out.  

Last Sunday, someone woke up in our bed.  
 At least he helped make it.  
 It was hot at the shore.  
 And hot at home.  
 It was so hot, we couldn't go into the pool until the afternoon when the backyard was shady so we watched Bohemian Rhapsody.  (Amy and I watched it the night before).  
 Lego time.  
 Finally we attempted the pool.  
 I took a bunch of selfies because I never get in pictures.  

 Our little devil . 
 Hey ladies!
 Even Amy swam!
 A big crowd.  

 Hey Emery.
 It was too hot to get out of the pool!  The heater was not on and the pool was almost 90 but it was still refreshing.  
 We went back later that night.  

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