Monday, July 1, 2019

Can We Go to the Boardwalk?

It's Monday morning!  July 1st!  Happy birthday Melissa!!!

Last Friday we had breakthrough!  The little ones now love the Ocean City boardwalk!  First we went to Cousins in Ocean City for dinner.  I used to go there all the time when I was young.  It could be 20 years since I was there.  It hasn't changed!  I totally remembered it and the yummy salad they give you.  
 Then we headed over to the Boardwalk.  The kids all immediately run for their free taste of fudge.  

 It was pretty quiet there even though it was a beautiful night.  

 It was ride time.  Last year, Noah went on a few rides, Eli wouldn't go anywhere near them.  What a difference a year makes.  
 They loved all the rides!

 I spent $100 on tickets but it was worth it for those smiles.  

 Ariel loves the swing.  I used to.  Now it makes me sick.
 The boys watched the flume.  That they didn't want to try.  

 The boys then wanted to go on the roller coaster.  I thought Amy was crazy for taking them, but they loved that too!

 It's hard to tell but their hands were up and they were all smiles!

 They could have gone all night.  
 One of my favorite pictures ever!
 Hands up!

 It was time to leave but Eli would have none of it.  
 He wasn't leaving!
 We almost made it out but we got sidetracked.  
 We let them play some games.  

 Then we picked up Johnson's popcorn.  
 This made my night.  
 Fun night but it was really time to go.  They have asked almost every day since then if we can go to the boardwalk!

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