Monday, February 24, 2020

Back to the Crayon

It's Monday night and I need to do this quickly so I can watch the Bachelor.  It's fantasy suite night!  There are going to be some sparks flying!  Back to the Crayola Experience.  We headed up to our private room for some pizza and cake.  

 Cute cake Amy got.  
 Of course Ariel was scared of the giant crayon.  

 Cake time!

 We actually got a decent family shot!

 We played a little more.  
 On the way out they make you go through the store of course.  
 What do you want Eli?
 A little history lesson.  I don't have anything else from that day.  
 Sunday I guess was quiet.  I don't have much to share from that day.  
 Before dinner, Ariel had a freak out and ran away.  She's been having more of those.  
 It's was Amy's dad's birthday.  We all met up for some hibachi.  
 Action shot.  Did Amy catch the shrimp?  
 You may not see my mom, Eli or Noah in these pictures.  It's because Eli was terrified of the flames the chefs made to impress us.  The four of us ate in a separate room.  
 Back to Melissa's house for cake.  

 Fun times.  
 Someone escaped that night.  

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