Thursday, February 27, 2020

Trivia Night

It's Thursday night.  Poor Amy had surgery on her gums today.  Also Ariel got a palate expander put in so it was pretty rough and expensive day.  Hopefully everyone feels better quickly!

Last Friday night we had a fundraiser for the elementary school.  It was a coed trivia night where we could drink!  Amy put together a table of 8.
 It was a big, fun crowd.  

Our table.  
 Our neighbors.  
 This team had matching shirts!  They were the Average Joes like from the movie Dodgeball.  
 Everyone brought food.  We had meatballs from my mom.  

 For dessert, I brought one of the King Cakes.  
 It was a big hit!  But nobody found the baby Jesus.  
 Trivia time!  We had two doctors at the table so we better have done well!

 There were 5 rounds.  After 4 we were in 3rd place.  Our team was No More Kids!  
 There was a raffle.  Amy won some jewelry.  
 We ended up in 4th place but we had a fun night!  Have a great weekend!

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