Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Scary Boxes

Well today was Noah and Eli's birthday.  They had a really fun day.  They went to school and made their birthday crowns. All their friends helped, which was sweet.  They had a pizza party and cupcakes at school.  After school, Amy hid presents all over the house and they had to hunt for them.  Then family came over with more presents and to sing.  It's 10:00 and they are still up.  I guess they don't want the day to end.  

Back to last week.  The boys made their Valentines boxes.  

 Some of the others.

 I saw Marty at the market.  He was freaking out about that piece of paper on the ground.  Calling for help with a spill.  
 The boys getting creative tracks and shoes.  

 We got the boys new microphones for their birthdays so they are singing more than ever!
 Ariel working on her Valentines hat.  

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