Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Where's My Spot?

It's Tuesday night.  All the kids went back to school today.  Yay!  Back to a week ago Saturday night.  Allison came over to watch the twins.  Amy and I and the two older ones went to dinner.  
 We met the Bush's at Bernie's in Hatboro.  
 Ariel and Devin made Tiktoks.  
 Then we played Heads Up!
 That's always fun if not silly.  
 Sunday morning I was kicked off my bed.  This is happening way too much these days.  
 I noticed Allison did some cleaning after the twins went to bed.  She's a keeper!
 Back to Funzilla.  This time for Tyler's birthday.  Ariel's friend.  
 Her partner in crime Guilz was there.  
 We brought the twins.  
 They always love that place.  

 Pizza time.  

 Then Ariel had her basketball game.  
 She actually touched the ball a little.  

 Working on our valentines.  

 Watching the Oscars!  
 A little humor before bed.  

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