Thursday, February 13, 2020

The First Celebration

It's Thursday night.  The birthday celebrations are continuing but today we also had Valentine's Day celebrations at school.  Amy is Ariel's homeroom mom and was heading in to help with the party when the other homeroom mom called in sick so it was homeroom daddy to the rescue!  I was glad I got to go, the kids are cute.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.  

My parents weren't going to able to come over on the twin's birthday so they brought their presents a little early.  

 Wow!  Let's build it!
 We had our music lessons in the middle of the all the craziness.  
 I built it!
 The first of many cakes!

 Best buddies.  
 How's the cake Eli?
 My mom helped Ariel finish her Valentine's hat.  
 Then we did some homework.  

 This thing is huge and they love it.  

 School Friday.  
 Someone had a rough day.  
 Back to the car tracks.  
 Have a great weekend!

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