Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What Is That a Picture of Eli?

So disappointed we we didn't win!
 Here's some artwork to compare.  Noah is just a bit neater.  
 Speaking of Eli's artwork.  Not so sure about this one.  
 These are from last week.  This was pretty late at night and the boys had just set up a ramp to run their cars down.  They were downstairs and we were all upstairs.  

 I was getting ready for Fat Tuesday.  These are the fastnacht doughnuts I would be eating that day.  
 This is one of 2 King Cakes that I got sent to me from New Orleans.  They are traditional cakes for Mardi Gras.  There is a baby Jesus doll baked in and whoever finds it is supposed to have good luck.  I'm not sure why I got 2 giant cakes.  
 Who was going to eat all of this?  
 This was a school bus accident that our friend's kid got in.  Thankfully she's ok.  All of the injuries were minor.  
 Ariel ran playtime in the basement.

 Our sitter's friend's new dog!

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