Thursday, February 6, 2020

Muddy Bites

Last Thursday morning, this was my view from the Borgata in Atlantic City.  
 I went back to work then got home right before the kids came home.  Ariel was pretty excited to see me!

 My baby girl!
 The boys only cared about the candy I brought back.  
 Eli worked on his homework.  
 Those boys can put tracks over anything.  

 Don't know what Ariel was doing here.  
 Friday morning it was Mile's birthday.  
 It was chilly to be outside.  
 I came home to a surprise.  I had ordered these ages ago.  You know when you eat one of those Drumstick ice cream cones, when you get to the end, there's usually a little chocolate left with that last bite of cone.  Well, somebody went and made that last little bite!  They are awesome!  They taste just like you would imagine.  
 That night we had dinner with my parents.  
 Then we came home to sing.  
 Have a great weekend!

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