Monday, February 17, 2020

T-Ball Clinic

It's late Monday night.  I forgot to post anything today, sorry.  It was a holiday so I don't know how many people would have been looking anyway.  Well, I want to go to bed so I will bang this one out.  These are from a week ago Saturday.  
Ariel saw Amy's parent's dogs.  

 I took Aden to basketball.  

I didn't put this on Youtube where it would be easier nicer to see because Aden sees what I post there and he gets mad.  

I took the twins to the first of 4 winter t-ball clinics being put on by the Council Rock Holland Little League. 

At first the boys would not participate even though their friend Ryan was there.  

 Then Noah started to run.  

 Then he batted.  

Eli watched closely then he wanted to bat.  

 Then they both fielded.  

 Ariel's friend's little brother.  

 They ended up doing pretty well.  

 I guess it's time to sign them up!

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