Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bouncing Around

So it's late Sunday night.  The Chiefs just beat the 49ers at Superbowl 54 in Miami.  (why did we have to go to Minneapolis?) It was actually a pretty entertaining game and close till the end.  I didn't really care who won so I paid more attention to the commercials.  Who else loved the Post Malone one and the Bill Murray one?  We had a little too much kid time this weekend.  We are looking forward to a full week of school!

Back to last Saturday.  Aden and I got haircuts at 7:30am!  We were the only ones there.  
 Aden loves that shampoo.  
 We met Brandon and Ashley at Altitude.  The twins ran around like crazy.  
 Bounce Ariel!

 It was quiet there.  
 The twins are daredevils.  

 They found a friend from school!

 Ashley is so much taller.  
 Brandon was also in his school's geography bee.  Aden got a globe, Brandon got a cool t-shirt.  

 Then it was time for Aden's basketball game.  I will spare you any more pics but I do need to share one video.  

Listen to the woman shouting "hands up!"  So annoying!

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