Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Day the Twins Turned Five

Here's a huge post for your Thursday.  These will be from last Monday through Wednesday.  Monday I saw this in the boy's classroom.  I get movies he wants.  
 Basketball practice.  
 This was Tuesday.  Playing hide and seek.  
 Then we made cupcakes for the twins to bring to their class on their birthday.  
 We put them to work.  

 We baked 36 cupcakes.
 Decorating was fun.  

 Wednesday morning it was birthday number 5 for Noah and Eli.  They found the balloons we got for them

I tried to get a good pic in their new birthday shirts.  It was not easy.  

 I give up!
 You don't know how thrilled all the parents were.  Not making lunches is like being on vacation!
 They boys and their friends made birthday crowns for Noah and Eli to wear.  

 It was really cute.  Eli taught Samir how to write his name.  

That night family came over to celebrate and bring more gifts!

 No cake, just candles in the leftover cupcakes.  
 We had two sitters over.  It was a bit awkward.  
 The boys had a great day!

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