Monday, February 10, 2020

The Big Event

It's Monday night.  We had a little excitement here.  Ariel took it upon herself to warm up some pancakes in the microwave.  She put it on too long and the pancakes burnt making a ton of smoke.  The fire alarm went off.  Thankfully we got in touch with the alarm company in time to call off the firemen, although Amy was a little upset...  The kids were very scared by the alarm and were screaming.  Ariel felt really bad about the whole thing and I had to take her out to calm her down.  Anyway, back to last weekend. 

Saturday night we drove to Cherry Hill to meet Larry, Becky and the kids at the Big Event.  There was bowling and video games.  

 We just let the kids bowl while we chatted and caught up.  We hadn't seen them since the summer.  

 We had dinner at Brio.  
 The kids were a bit wild but it was 5:00 at a family restaurant.  We shouldn't have been getting all the nasty looks we got.  It's amazing how people forget what their kids were like.  
 Larry is good with the kids.  
 Sunday morning, I took Eli to Mile's birthday party at Funzilla.  Noah did not come because he was being punished! 
 There's Eli up there.  
 Happy Birthday Miles!
 Eli just loves this place.  

 Pizza and cake time.  

 Like that cake Eli?
 Of course he wanted a ride in the go carts.  
 We had a quiet night.  

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