Monday, February 3, 2020

Give Me That Egg

How warm was it today?!?  I didn't even wear a jacket.  Crazy.  We really can't complain about this winter so far.  We have a long way to go though.  I need to go watch the Bachelor so let's get this done!  I thought I had finished off last Saturday but I had a few more pics to share.  

After Altitude, Ariel went back to Ashley's house where she was thrilled to play with the new hamster!

 Her picture, not mine.  
 Sunday morning we got up early.  
 I had to take Ariel to Hebrew school.  She was better this time.  Not as clingy.  
 This is her class.  Her teacher's son helps out.  

 I don't know what this is.  It was posted on Facebook.  
 That afternoon, we went to visit my parents.  Ariel wore my anti-motion sickness glasses.  
 We saw some of my dad's new Legos.  
 Then it was time for Ariel's basketball.  

 Not too many highlights, she didn't touch the ball once!
 Back to the house, Eli was getting creative.  
 I love to hand the boys eggs to see what they will do.  They rarely break them!
 Noah is really good at sitting and doing work, not so much Eli.  

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