Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Aden the Graduate

It's a warm and sticky Tuesday night.  Hope you enjoyed your double post today.  I'm trying to be good.  No sweets today!  That's really hard.  Wish me luck, there is cake in the kitchen!

Last Tuesday Eli woke us up with his new volcano he wanted to try.  

 Breakfast and volcanoes.  
 It was the last official day of school but not for Ariel!  Amy got her some workbooks.  
 Honey and her family came for a visit.  

 She's getting big.  


 Eli reached out to touch her!  Progress!
 Volcano time again.  

 He keeps finding these on Amazon.  Now he wants another.  
 I took the boys to the car wash.  This was their reaction.  lol.  
 That night was Aden's graduation clap off.  Aden and Ariel decorated Amy's car with streamers, balloons and window paint.  
 There was a long line to get into the school.  

 The had pics of all the 6th grade graduates.  

 There's our handsome guy.  
 Our neighbors.  

 Here we go!
 That's the principal.  
 Everyone who works at the school was there to cheer on the graduates.   

 Aden's teacher!  Congratulations Aden!
 We met up with the neighbors at Rita's.
 Bedtime.  Eli wanted to wear his hat!
 Not really the time to start making bracelets...

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