Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Big Neighborhood Party

Tonight was fun hanging with the neighbors.  Here's another super long post.  These are from Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.  

I guess this is exciting news!  The pool at the gym is opening.  
 I went to Sam's Club for the first time in 3 months.  They had mostly everything.  
 Back to work on the roller coaster.  
 Black Lives Matter.  
 I needed parts for the roller coaster so I went to the hardware store with Eli.  He was excited to be there.  
 It's almost done!
 It's done!

First time!
 It's actually really fun.  You go fast and there is a bump at the end that gets your airborne!

 We had a neighborhood dinner and movie.  
 We had Mexican and Indian and Italian.  

 I brought sparklers because Eli had not stopped talking about them for weeks.  

 Dessert time!
 Then everyone got comfortable for Angry Birds 2.  

 That was a fun night.  We are already planning the next get together!
 Wednesday morning I went for a run.  Ariel and Eli followed me.  

 Look how far they get.  All the way to the woods.  
 Uh oh, sky is getting darker.  

 Here comes the rain!

 Uh oh.  We lost another chunk of the tree.  
 Aden power washed for us.  

 Little Elliot on the roller coaster.  

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