Monday, June 15, 2020

Endless S'mores

It's Monday night.  I forgot to post today again.  I've been doing that a lot lately.  I have so many pics too.  This a huge post from last Saturday.  

Ariel slept at my in-laws. She Facetimed us in the morning.  Or was it Cooper that Facetimed us?
 There she is!
 I took the twins to Juniors for doughnuts.  You have to wait outside and they bring you the order.  It was hot in the sun and the boys were complaining.  
 We went across the street to find shade.  
 Those people in the background are at Maynards getting cocktails to go pretty early in the morning!
 Yeah, that hits the spot.  
 Like the waffle Eli?  
 Allison helped us get to the beach.  
 Eli had a really good day.  
 The water was freezing!

 Noah did not have a good day.  We didn't last long.  

 Back at my parent's house, I got some kisses from Honey.  

 I think Honey had more fun than all the kids.  
 She fell in the pool a couple of times.  

 It was a warm night.  
 Amy's family came over for a fire and some s'mores.  

 When Honey arrived, Aden ended up on the table.  How can we get him over his fear of dogs?  

 The boys.

 It took me a while to get the fire going.  I need something to make it easier.  

 We are going to be having a lot of s'mores this year.  
 Alex and Andrew stopped by.  

 Sparkler time!

 I'm really enjoying my Biolite fire pit.  

 A bunch of the backyards around us had groups of people too.  
 All quiet later that night.  I sat out and listened to a Grateful Dead concert and waited for the fire to go out.  I loved that!
 You can see a neighbor party still going on late.  

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