Tuesday, June 16, 2020

We Broke Into a Playground! (well not really)

Another week of huge posts coming up.  These are from last Sunday and Monday.

This has been where the boys are from like 6am to 8am.  Outside our bedroom on their iPads, eating muffins.  

 Juniors had a bit of a wait.  I passed by it on my run.  
 The boys were waiting outside for me when I got back.  
 Power washing time.  
 It came out pretty good.
 Over to my parent's.

 It was a nice day.  

 The slide is back in action for the season.  

 The boys were determined to find a playground.  Their main one was still locked.  

 What is this?  It's closed yet the gate was open!

We found a playground!  Our summer is saved!

 Saw this walking back.
 We stopped by Amy's parents to get the older 2.  Eli stayed as far away from the dogs as possible.  
 Monday morning we saw the trash truck.

 I took the scooter to the Dairy Bar to get some burgers for lunch.  Yummy.  

 We drove home and I went for a run by the school.  The playgrounds were open!  Yippie!

 That night we went out to dinner!  It was the first day restaurants could be open with outside seating.  It was very crowded for a Monday night. They thanked us for coming.  It's crazy that we hadn't been to a restaurant in 3 months.  
 Our handsome boy, getting so big.  

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