Monday, June 8, 2020

The Biggest Post Ever!

Since I missed Monday, your Tuesday post is going to be huge!  This will be Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  We woke up Saturday to a beautiful day.  
 I was back behind the cart.  My least favorite part of the summer.  I am going to splurge on an eletric cart.  
 Jordyn came with us to the beach.  Poor girl was supposed to spend the summer at the University of Florida but that didn't happen.  
 First ice cream man of the season.  So far we aren't impressed with the company that got the contract this year.  Very lame selection.  No popscicles, so banana fudges, no choco tacos.  Noah was actually crying.  

 Noah did not enjoy his strawberry pop.  
 Something came over Eli.  He loved the beach!
 Noah was miserable and Aden just left and went to my parent's.  Ariel was ok, so we had 50% happy.  That might be a record.  
 The kids played with our neighbors.  Eva is 10 and Steven is 4.  

 The beach was crowded but everyone was spread out.  

 That night our neighbors Jenn and Jon and their kids came to hang from Ocean City.  

 Shore neighbor friends.  
We ate outside.
 Sack o Subs!  The best.  

Aden trying to get everyone out of his bed!

 The kids had fun playing.  
 There's Moose!
 We went to the Dairy Bar.  

 This was quite the experience.  Very long line.  People with masks and standing on their circles as they got closer.  
What a crew!
 This is funny but really sad.  
 The woman in front of us was annoyed our kids were playing with their masks and getting close to her.  They even told the owner.  If you are that worried about being in public, stay home!

 Sunday morning, the grandpops and Aden went for a long bike ride.  
 Look at this biker gang!
 Amy and I and the boys went to the Ocean City boardwalk.  

 Some of the stores were open. but blocked off so you couldn't go in.  

 As long as Johnson's Popcorn is open we are set!

 The line was too long at Manco and Mancos so we got random pizza which tasted just like Manco and Mancos.  I guess they are so popular, everyone has to copy them.
Eli reading the rules.
Wearing clothes from Nate!
 Back to the house, our friends Dave and Julia stopped by.  Ariel was excited to see Juliet.  
 The twins put on a show for them.  

 They went to the beach.  We went to my parent's pool.  

 I went to the beach briefly.  Got some cute pics of the girls.  

 We went back and packed up to head home.  We got some good barbecue before we left.  
 On the way home, the ramps into Center City Philly were closed because of the rioting.  

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