Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Tesla and the Trailer

It's way too late Thursday night.  We set off some fireworks tonight!  That was kind of fun.  Eli and Noah watched through a window.  They were excited but scared.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.  

Amy took the kids over to Dave and Julia's to swim.  I met them after work.  
 What a beautiful pool.  
 Athena showed Eli how to use the diving board.  
 Ariel and Juliette were all over the place.  
 They finally made it to the pool.  

 Eli made a new friend.  

 He really wanted to take it home.  
 Back at home, we tried out the new water rocket.
 It was hot!

 Of course Eli took the rocket hose and sprayed everyone.  
 Felice and Howard came over with the kids for dessert.  
 First it was slip and slide time!
 Then sparklers.  
 Then I finally got to try out the fire pit.  
 It worked really well.  
 Once it gets going it's almost smokeless.  We made s'mores!

 Friday we made it to yellow!  Things could start opening a bit.  
 I rented a Uhaul trailer.  That was quite an experience.  
 I loaded up my scooter and my bike.  
 Look at the blue icon on my screen.  The car knew I was pulling a trailer.  
 Ariel took this pic from the third row while we were driving.  I stayed in the right lane and took my time.  
 We made it!
 Although the bike rubbed against the scooter and took off some of the paint!  Figures.  

 A quick lunch.  Yummy.  
 Ariel and Eva went for a walk with Amy's parents.  Cute.  
 Back to my parent's house.  We were finding Waldo!
 With a magnifying glass.  
 Amy assumed her favorite position.  

 This is my position.  I could sit here forever.  

 Eli went with me to the Dairy Bar to pick up dinner.  
 Have a great weekend!

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