Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Six Haircuts

It's Wednesday.  We went strawberry picking today.  That was fun for a few minutes.  I don't even like strawberries.  This came up on Facebook.  Aden, Jason and Ben at the Franklin Institute.  They look so young!
 Last Wednesday, the twin's balloon went next door.  They chased it over.  
 Got it back!
 Haircut time!  It was hard to get the girl back.  She is very popular.  Eli wanted to go first but Amy was in a rush to leave so she kicked him out.  
 Amy got her first trim in 4 months.  
 Ariel got her first trim in 4 months.  Then the girls ran out to get their nails done!
 Our beautiful girl!
 Aden next.  
 Eli patiently waiting.  
 Finally Eli's turn.  
 Looking good!
 Eli brushed Rachel's hair as she cut Noah's hair.
 Looking good boys!

 I went last.  I didn't have a mirror to watch what she was doing and I ended up with the shortest hair ever!  It's super humid out now so it's not a bad thing.  
 That night we had a barbecue at the neighbors house.  

 Debuting our haircuts and painted nails.  
 Fireworks time.  I set off some big ones.  

 The twins stayed inside!
 After that we got into pjs.  
 We sang happy birthday to a neighbor.  

 Then we watched Sonic the Hedgehog.  It was a good movie!

 This went late into the night.  

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