Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Happy Birthday Amy!

It's Wednesday night.  The second round of thunderstorms is about to go through.  The first one was crazy.  A tree fell in the woods behind us and one of our trees lost a chunk of branches.  There were some serious winds.  Around the storms it was in the upper 80's and sunny.  Felt like summer.  These pictures are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Last Tuesday morning it was Amy's birthday!  I let her sleep in and I got the kids on the swing set.  

 That afternoon we went to Amy's parent's house for dinner and to swim.  
 Honey was in the pool!
 The hot tub was the place the to be.  

 Happy cousins.  

 Yay summer!

 We had a nice dinner, then it was time for cake!

 I got this cake from New York City.  A gluten free s'mores cake.
 Back at the house that night.  
 All the kids came over.

 I guess they like it.  

 Ariel and Alex, who is 2 years younger than her and maybe a bit taller!
 The next day we found out Aden's camp, Saginaw and the other three's camp, Southampton, were both not going to open.  

 I think Amy took it the worst.  She was really looking forward to getting the kids out of the...I mean for them to have a great time!  We don't know what we are going to do with the kids.  
 We went swimming next door.  
 The pool was warm.  The kids had fun.  

 Ariel's friend Giulianna came over to play.  
 They had a picnic.  
 I finished off the vodka lemonade.  

 We later went to other neighbors to make some s'mores.  

 The big kids love to play football.  
 I make a mean s'more.  

 We played outside till pretty late.  Giulianna did not want to leave.  
 You can see the big boys in the distance still playing football.  

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