Monday, June 22, 2020

Ariel and Her Gang

It's Monday night and I forgot to post Monday's post so you are getting two for Tuesday.  These are from last Sunday and Monday.

Aden and I went to Remy's to workout.  We did some weights then we boxed!  Aden really likes the boxing.  It's a great workout.  
 We took the boys back to the only open playground in Margate.  

 Eli made friends with a little girl and held her hand as they walked around.  

 So sweet!

 Their favorite playground is still closed and we aren't really sure why.  
 Ariel spent the day with the Sydney and her friends from home.  She is really living the high life!

 Looking at Aden's new motorcycle Lego.  
 This is across the street from my parent's.  They have 2 giant goldens.  All the girls and the dogs were in the pool!

 We are for some reason jumping to Monday afternoon.  THe kids drove us crazy while we were trying to workout with Paul.

 Then over to Todd and Ali's house.  

 Happy Birthday Ali!

 Nice cake!

 It was yummy too.  
 Of course I brought fireworks.  

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