Thursday, June 18, 2020

Keep Eli Away From The Hose

It's so late Wednesday night it's really sometime Thursday morning.  Here's a huge post from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Tuesday morning, Ariel went for a ride.

 She made me a bread and chocolate sandwich for breakfast.  Yummy.  
 Amy gt the boy to work making suns.  

 Then they proceeded to bring a hose into the house while no one was paying attention and actually got it hooked up!
 Watering the flowers is a better idea.  
 We took Ariel to Juliet's house to sleep over.  
 Have fun girls.  I have no more pics from Tuesday!

This was the girls swimming on Wednesday morning.  
 Amy went to get her and take her to her parent's house.  
 Nancy and the boys met us on Stella Drive.  
 Poor Ariel has such a tough life.  

 Honey and the girls came to play.  

 You may wonder why Eli is on the table.  
 Because he's scared of little baby Honey!
 That night was another neighborhood gathering.  It was also Nancy's birthday.  

 We had dessert and drinks.  

 Uh oh, this is trouble.  
 This kid loves to squirt anyone and everything.  

 Look at his eyes.  The glee!

Anything involving water.  

 What a nice night!

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