Thursday, June 4, 2020

Romantic Dinner

It's Thursday night.  We just made our first fire in the portable fire pit.  It worked well and we made some great s'mores!  There are some more thunderstorms coming tonight.  Hopefully the kids don't wake up.  These are from last Thursday and Friday.  

Doing some science experiments.  Noah likes the magnifying glass.  
 We moved the stove to clean.  The boys wanted to check out what was behind it.  

 School time!

 Playing outside.  

 This was late that night.  We were almost in bed and we got a surprise visit by Honey!  
 Friday morning we drove to the shore.  It was a quick ride even with a detour because the Walt Whitman Bridge suddenly closed when we were close.  
 It was cool but that didn't stop us from heading to my parent's pool.  
 First time in the pool!
 The kids went in.  

 I just stayed out and snacked.

 My sweetie.  
 Gotta love this kid.  
 Everyone on the porch.  It's been far too long.  
 The Legos are back!
 We left the kids with my parents and had our first dinner alone in almost 3 months!  When we weren't eating, we were sleeping!  It was a quick 2 hours.  
 We got back and Noah finished the puzzle.  
 We headed home with our grandchild.  
 Bunnies everywhere!
 Good night Eli!  Have a great weekend!

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