Monday, June 29, 2020

Father’s Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day!  Last Sunday I got up and went for a run then Aden and I met at Remy's to work out.  We boxed a lot.  That really gets my heart going.  Aden and I will have to do more of that now that we know the 4 main punches.  
 It was a lazy morning after that.  
Playing with the neighbors 
 Amy went to get me Father's Day doughnuts at Juniors.  

 That hit the spot.  

 We dropped off the twins at my parents and headed to the beach for a little.  
 It was another beautiful day.  
 Ariel was with Eva and Gwen.  


Just right!
 My Father's Day Princess.

 Back to the pool.

 Eli played with the sprinkler of course.  
 My parents were nice enough to grill for everyone.  

 Nothing like a home cooked meal on a warm summer night.  
 The dads and some of the kids.

 It was a very nice Father's Day.

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