Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Brace Face

It's a rainy Wednesday night.  Big thunderstorms rolling through.  We need the water.  Midweek rain is fine, just as long as the weekends stay dry.  We had pre-school dad get together tonight.  We haven't been together since before all the craziness.  Sadly we only got 3 guys to hang.  It was nice to see them though.  Back to last Monday and Tuesday.  

Dropping the kids at camp.  
 I found this image and it made me laugh.  Amy was sending those to kids to camp even if they just went to the place the dug holes to get them out of the house!
 It was also Aden's birthday!  He did not want to go to camp but we made him anyway.  Amy brought in a treat.  While he was at camp, I got him a new phone then set it up.  He was so excited!
 Cousins over.

 Ariel walked Honey.

 That night we took Aden out to Rocco's for dinner.  My parents met us there.  The twins stayed with a sitter.  That made dinner far more enjoyable.  Aden got a 12 oz filet and ate the whole thing.  
 It was a nice night to sit outside.  
 Like your steak Aden?
 It was cake time!  Aden refuses to pose for a picture so I tried.  

 Eli's favorite food is still birthday cake.  

 Tuesday morning, I took the boys to camp.  
 Ariel went to the orthodontist to get her braces on!
 I still think she's too young for braces.  
 Ariel and our friend Jordan the dentist on the practice's Instagram feed.  

 Our beautiful brace face!
 This was some disturbing news.  My favorite pizza!

Eli's latest obsession is water buckets.  He's watching videos of the giant splash pads where there are usually huge buckets that slowly fill up really high up and dump over everyone as they get full.  He wants to build on really badly.  
 We had a handyman over and he asked him for ideas.  

 Ariel and Alex working out.  

 Now that's a great smile!

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