Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Return to Breezy Point Camp

It's Tuesday night.  It was definitely a weird day.  Amy took Ariel early to get braces put on!  At 8!  With a mouth full of baby teeth.  I think it's a scam but they do the braces twice now.  She did well, I will tell you about it later.  Amy took her to camp after.  Today was picture day and they took a picture of all 4 kids together.  That will be a fun reminder of this crazy summer.  Then Amy got called back to camp to get Ariel who was uncomfortable.  She was fine after I got her a milkshake!  Back to last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  

Sunday there was someone in our bed.  
 I took Ariel for a drive on the scooter then we headed home early because we had to get ready for camp.
 It was hot at home!
 Eli is quickly becoming our little engineer.  He hooked up two hoses together then brought it out to the slide.  

 He positioned it just right above the slide.  
 And made a water slide!
 It worked well except they really flew off the bottom and we thought they might get hurt.  

 Monday morning we started Breezy Point Camp.  Aden was not happy but the other three were.  All of them had gone there at one point.  Aden and Ariel never thought they would be back but it was the only camp open nearby.  It was really hard to set that alarm for the first time in 4 months.  Then we had to make three lunches.  Only Ariel said she would eat the camp food.  
 The twins jumped right in the car.
 But I made them pose for a pic.  
 Aden refused to pose.  
 There were crazy thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The older kids never made it in the pool.  They watched a lot of movies.
 Pickup is a long process.  
 They all said they had fun!
 Even Aden.  Although he said he didn't want to go back.  

Out for a run.  
 We found leftover Peeps from Easter.  Still tasted good!
 Back to Eli's water play.  

 That night they crashed on the sofa.  Camp is great for wearing them out!
 Tuesday before camp Eli tried to play with the slip and slide.  
 When we get to camp, they take their temperatures.  The counselors all wear masks.  The kids only when indoors.  
 More water play with Eli that night.  

 Good night boys!

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