Thursday, July 30, 2020

Water Rainbow

This week has been dragging.  I'm in the middle of my two day continuing legal education classes.  It's virtual this year.  I miss going to the city and seeing my old work friends and having some good food.  I especially miss the Amish doughnuts.  These are from last Friday.  

All the kids had colds.  Noah made a nice pile of tissues.  Everyone went to camp though except Ariel.  Her cold was the worst.  
I met Amy and Ariel for lunch at Pat's in Newtown.  They had us sitting in a barn outside.  
Ariel did TikToks in the middle of the street.  
Then is started pouring.  
It wasn't going to end anytime soon.  
I told Ariel we should make a run for it.  We had gone across the way to buy candy and we were stuck. 
Well we ended up running back to Amy then to the car.  The road was flooded around the car so our feet got really wet too.
Look carefully, you can see something colorful falling off the upstairs balcony.  It was another water toy that Eli had picked out on Amazon and had just been delivered.  Eli carried it all around the house.  
Then we went outside to set it up.  
He's been talking about this rainbow for weeks.  
It sprays everywhere!  Time for a bathing suit.  
That's better.  
You know what?  It also needs a car.  

This boy knows how to have fun.  
Then he set it up on the grass.  

We did not go to the shore so the kids got to play with the neighbors.  

Oh to be young in the summer.  Have a great weekend!

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