Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Crazy Summer of 2020

These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  Let's start with the camp picture.  It actually came out really cute.  This will be our memory of the crazy summer of 2020.  
Wednesday morning Ariel and the twins went to the dentist for a checkup.  Noah insisted on going in himself and did really well!  Eli wanted mommy.  
Ariel, Noah and I played video games in my car until Eli was ready.  
Later that day, Aden went to the endodontist to check out his broken tooth.  He said no root canal for now!  They will just bond the tooth.  Amy took him to see Honey to celebrate.  

That night Ariel had her cheer lesson with Rachel.  

I went to meet with the pre-school dads.  It had been so long.  The plan was to hang out outside but the storm clouds came in fast.  
There were only 3 of us.  The gang is falling apart.  
We continued inside once the rains fell.  It was nice to catch up.  
When I got back, the twins were still playing.  
They wanted to do some experiments.  

This is a page from Ariel and Aden's yearbook.  There are pictures of Noah and Eli in there!
Thursday, I had my first massage in 5 months!  I missed them!
The cracks in the windshield are getting worse!

Melissa and family took some pictures.  Amy and Ariel went to help and ended up in some of the pictures.  

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