Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cheer Lessons

Welcome to another Friday post.  It's actually Thursday night and the Council Rock School District is voting right now how to handle the school year.  Amy is listening and giving me updates.  We want the kids in school!  I know the teachers aren't thrilled about that but there is no way these kids will learn anything if it's all virtual.  Amy is so happy she's not teaching right now.  

These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  Here was my Facebook post for Aden's birthday.  
 Over 170 people reacted!  That was nice.  
 This was Amy's post.  
 I had not been to the gym since the middle of March.  I am not ready to go exercise there yet but I needed to go talk to them about my billing.  It felt really weird to be there.  
 The place is totally under construction.  I didn't recognize it.  
 This wall is new.  
 Eli and his water.  
 Our sitter Rachel is a high school cheerleader.  She started giving Ariel private cheer lessons.  
 Ariel does great with her.
 Eli went back to the water slide.  

 My turn!
 Aden hadn't had a tennis lesson since March.  His teacher called and wanted him to play outside with him so he did!
 Later that night all the neighbors were up at the school.  
 Nice sunset.  
 On Thursday morning, this popped up on Facebook.  First, it's hard to believe I've been on Facebook for 12 years plus but then look at baby Aden!
 Ariel got an angel costume for Halloween at camp.  

 Have a great weekend!

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