Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Covid Testing in the Rear

These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  You wonder why we send them to camp.  This is what they are doing at like 6 am.  
 After camp Madi came to help.  
 Jessica and Matthew came to play.  

 They invited us to their pool next door.  It was super hot so it sounded fun.  I'm going to brag for Amy.  Madi, who is 16 and tiny, needed a bathing suit.  Amy gave her one of hers and it fit!  Go Amy!

 I don't know, I saw an awful lot of people mad at Governor Wolf. Something seems to have gone right in Pennsylvania.  
 A little pandemic humor.  
 Tuesday was another hot day.  
 I was driving up Street Rd and got hit by a huge rock!  The car is always recording and I actually have a video of the rock flying towards my car.  It looks like it came from the sky!  You can imagine this totally scared me.  
 I pulled over to check it out.  
It's been a week and it's still growing!  I probably shouldn't be driving the car.  I have an appointment for next Tuesday to get it replaced.  
 Melissa and family came over.  I made steak sandwiches while they all relaxed.  

 Hey Honey.  
 The steaks were yummy.  

 Watering the dog!

 Aden had a tennis lesson.  

 Eli is still obsessed with water buckets that dump on your head.  

Madi did it for them.  

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