Monday, July 27, 2020

Hangovers Stink

So last I left you, I had had about 5 or 6 large glasses of 140 proof bourbon.  I slept ok, I think, but I woke up around 5 am with the room spinning!  It's been more than a decade since I felt this bad.  I ended up on the cold tile floor in the bathroom googling hangover remedies.  Turns out there really isn't much except time.  I was on the floor for a couple of hours then I went back to bed where I saw I had lost my spot.  
 I attempted to work out around 10 but I didn't last very long.  That was a mistake.  
 We took the kids to my parents and I passed out on the deck for a little.  
 I got up for a second and saw Honey came for a visit.  
 She didn't come in though.  
 I was out of it all day.  Amy was not very happy with me.  I pulled it together for a late dinner with Amy in Ventnor.  We had Jordyn sitting possibly for the last time for the summer so we didn't want to waste her.  
 We had a very nice dinner at La Padella.  I was able to eat for the first time all day!  In fact, I was ravenous and ate a ton!
 After dinner we found Ariel running around Longport with Sydney.  
 The girls stayed up late.  We went to bed!
 Sunday morning, I saw this on Facebook. 
 The boys lounged around.  I felt better.  
 Ariel ran and found her friend's Sydney and Eva and made plans to go to the water park.  We weren't going to tell the twins but Eli on his own said her wanted to go.  
 We passed by the yoga again.  I will have to try it.  
 I can't believe we were back here again.  Aden and Noah didn't come so I was able to focus on Eli.  
 Ariel tried to spend time with both her friends.  
 Eli was a little less enthusiastic this time.  

 He did though want to keep touching the water.  

 That's Ariel in the air!

 That's Sydney.  
 That's also Sydney being launched off a giant pillow.  

 Ariel and her monkey bars.  
 Grandpop came to watch.  
 I felt sick again.  This whole thing moves too much.  
 That's Syd again.  
 Alright, I had enough.  We went back, cleaned up, packed and left!
 We got home, ate dinner, the met Dave and Juliet at Rita's.  

 TikToks of course.  
 We finished the night with some water play.

 That poor slip and slide.  

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