Sunday, July 5, 2020

Eli and the Chair

It's Sunday night and all 4 kids start camp tomorrow! Woo hoo! We got back today from 10 days at the shore! We don't usually get to do that till the end of the summer so it was a nice treat.  A week ago Friday we packed the car like we have never packed it before and headed down.  We relaxed on my parent's porch.  
 Then we went back for some water play in our backyard.  
 We walked over to see the sunset.  

 That came out nice!
 Us on our porch.  It funny to see it from a different perspective.  
 Saturday morning, I got to snuggle with Ariel's lovey.  
 There she is!
 We did some cheers on the balcony.  

 What are you guys up to?
 Amy took them shopping.  Eli picked out a chair!
 He looks so cute walking with it.  
 One cool dude.  
Ready for the beach!
 Jordyn came to help and our friends Dave and Julia came to hang.  
 The beach was packed.  
 Aden went right in the water with Athena.  It's funny to see him working it with Dave and Julia's girls.  
 Ice cream time.
 Aden even dug a hole for Athena.  
 That's Athena in the middle of a backflip.  
 A nice older boy came by and grabbed the kids to play Spike Ball.  

 Julia doing Ariel's hair.  She had wet braids for the night.  Her hair looked amazing when she took them out in the morning.  
 We picked up dinner at the Dairy Bar.  
 Can't go wrong with those burgers!
 The kids were playing on the balcony.  
 Back to the bay to see the sunset again.  
 Ariel and Juliette.  
 So grown up!
 Ariel and Juliette were doing TikToks.  Apparently there was a famous TikTok girl there.  She did one with Ariel!

Aden and Athena on their phones and not talking.  I thought I taught him better!
 We had a blast hanging with them.  

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