Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Water Park X2

Another crazy hot day.  I stayed in the ac.  I don't know how those kids were at camp all day.  I was driving home from work and a rock went through my windshield!  My car is always recording so I have video of it.  It looks like it came from the sky.  Crazy.  Back to a week ago Sunday.  

I was up with the kids early.  
 Ariel found the day old doughnuts.  
 The boys love to build.  
 We headed out to go to the new water park.  
 I think I mentioned they had just built this water park a block away from us.  They said next year they are going to double the size.  The boys wanted to go but we weren't ready to take them.  
 Ariel went with Aden, Ben and Winston.  It's kind of expensive.  $35 for an hour for any age.  
 Here they go! 
 I took these with a telephoto lens.  The boys and Ariel went hard and tried everything and didn't mind ending up in the bay from time to time.  

 I noticed this was going on next door.  Yoga on paddle boards!
 There's Ariel.  

 Ariel doing her monkey bar thing.

 Amy and Nancy had left Joe and I to watch the kids.  It was too hot to stand out there and there were 12 lifeguards so we ducked out for a doughnut.  We gathered the kids and Nancy and Joe left.  
 Mark came with Eva and Gwen who wanted to go to the water park and Ariel wanted to go again with them and the twins then wanted to go so here we go!
 Now these two pics were taken by Amy's mom so I am in them.  

 The rest of the pics came from my waterproof camera.  The boys loved climbing and did a great job but neither wanted to go in the bay.  

 There's Ariel.  

 Eli went to the top but wouldn't jump.  

 There's Ariel jumping in.  

 It was a long hour.  I was a bit sea sick and had way too much sun.  I actually took a draminie before and felt pretty good.  
 We got back and Aden was a bit seasick himself.  
 Over to my parents to swim.  

 The draminie totally knocked me out.  I took a nap on my parent's porch then went for a walk on the beach to try and clear my head.  
 It was so crowded!
 We had to go back and pack and head home.  

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