Monday, July 13, 2020

No Margate Fireworks This Year

It's Monday night and Aden had a nice 12th birthday.  We let him sleep in and go to camp late.  Amy brought treats in for his bunk.  We got him an iPhone 11 among other cool things and we had a nice steak dinner with my parents at Roccos.  It's 10:45 and he's in the basement watching Breaking Bad!  Where are the parents?

Back to a week ago Saturday.  We woke up to some yummy Junior's doughnuts.  

 Then Todd and I drove with the kids to the point in Longport.  Amy and Ali walked the 2 miles.  
 It was pretty shocking.  Most of the big rocks were gone!
 Up until now, this was all huge rocks and no beach.  

 Hey, Mr. Carb.
 Our cutie.
 All this beach was never there before!

 We walked over to the rocks that jut out into the ocean.

 We walked around to see the nice houses.  
 We hung out in the backyard.  

 Playground time.  

 Todd and Ali left.  We went to the pool.  
 Jonah joined us.  
 Ariel was a great hostess.  
 Aden is working on a Lamborghini.  
 Eli was walking around with fireworks.  
 We did some sparklers with the neighbors.  

 A couple of fireworks.  
 They showed us their hermit crabs.  
 Then I headed over to Sydney's house to find her and Ariel.  I brought the fireworks.  

 Moira came over and we played.  

 Fireworks time.  I think someone called the police on us.  They drove by just as they finished.  This was the best we could do since they cancelled the city fireworks.  
 Happy 4th everyone!

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