Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The View From Above

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  We had a nice visit from Honey tonight.  She's getting so big.  Another day it was supposed to rain but it didn't so we played outside.  I made Chinese Spare Ribs!  It took most of the night but I was happy with how they came out.  They were eaten quickly!  Back to the shore.

These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I got up on the roof to check on the air conditioner units.  Pretty nice view although it was tough to enjoy as I was terrified.  

 You can see the bay!
 Aden and Ariel went with me to workout.  Here we are getting our boxing gloves on!  Boxing is fun and good exercise!
 Walking back to our house.  You can almost see Amy and the twins on our back porch.  
 It was a lazy morning.  

 I strummed some tunes.  
 Ariel tried on her new helmet.  
 We met Amy's dad and uncle at the docks.  Ariel and her cousins went out on the waverunners.  

 Uncle Steve with Ariel and Brianna.  

 Jeff with Adam. 
 Katie and Emery from Washington were there too.  
 I went with Jordyn and the twins to the Ventnor playground as the Margate playgrounds were still closed.  
 We basically had the place to ourselves.  

 Having fun boys?
 We took a walk down the boardwalk so I could show the twins were I used to stay, in that tall building behind them.  They weren't very interested.  
 That night we picked up tacos for dinner.  Ariel and I took the scooter there.  She loves riding on it!
 That night we getting having sightings of the white Margate bunny.  
 There he is!
 Wednesday morning, the sky was mean on my jog.

 Workout time.  
 We needed a few things so we took a trip to Target.  
 They boys loved the toy section.  
 While we were leaving the skies opened up!  A huge thunderstorm.  
 It was a wild ride home.  
 It cleared up a bit later.  
 Sydney came over to play with Ariel.  

 They are just too cool.  

 Amy sporting a new outfit.  

 We had a sitter so we went to Sofia's for dinner.  
 We took a nice long walk after.  
 Back home.  The little ones were asleep.  Score!  

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