Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ariel in Print

It's Tuesday night.  It flurried all day but it was nice enough to get outside.  We ended up with around a foot of snow, which is the most we have had in a long time.  We just found out the schools are closed again tomorrow for the third day!  At least they can do work online and they don't have to make up the day.  Speaking of work, this was Ariel last Monday morning in school before I left for work.  Look how she made the pancakes with chocolate chips.  And she found a milkshake that was frozen in the freezer.  Breakfast of champions.  
Ariel is famous!  Her picture is in an article in the Newtown newspaper.  
I didn't get many pics that day so I got pics of Ariel posing in front of the mirror.  

She tried my peppermint cake and didn't like it.  More for me!
Tuesday morning, I drove Ariel to school.  She supposed to walk but she's been lazy and I've been nice.  Usually, it's quick to drop off but look to the far center of the picture.  You can see cars way into the distance.  Seems everyone is driving these days.  
Eli came home with some stickers.  
And an interesting note.  :-)
Normal craziness.  

Homework time.  

Science time.  I have this device that you hook up to fruit and the computer and then you can use the fruit as input devices.  
We played drums and the piano on the apples and bananas.  

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