Monday, February 1, 2021

Kid's Castle

It's a very snowy Monday night.  It actually sleeted most of the day but before dinner it turned back to snow and it's snowing hard.  We are probably around 10 inches and it's supposed to snow all night and most of tomorrow.  Amy and I had to keep the twins busy today so Aden and Ariel could do virtual school.  Eli wanted to go out all day but it was miserable.  We finally let him go out a little tonight.  He loved it.  

Speaking of Eli.  Last Sunday, he tried to tape Ariel into her room.  
It didn't work.  
I got them a rock to dig into for fossils.  
They found a bunch of gems.
These are 5/6 pants.  The boys will be 6 next week!
Not sure what he was doing here.  
Ariel's friend Emily came to play.  
Even though it was freezing, I needed to get the twins out of the house for a bit.  We went to the Kid's Castle in Doylestown.  
Cool place.  The boys just ran in.  
I had to search everywhere for them.

So many secret passages.  

There are some new playsets there.

Cool place.  

Of course the fun continued at home.  
Pile on Aden!


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