Monday, February 15, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Monday night and there might be an ice storm tonight.  I will ask you again.  Is it summer yet?  We are redoing Ariel's bathroom.  The started working today.  Tore out the whole thing.  Hopefully it goes quickly and that we picked everything out well.  Back to last Sunday.  We woke up to snow.  They came to plow early while it was still snowing.  
Go away!
I took some artsy shots.  

It is pretty until you have to deal with it.  

Some glamour shots of my little guys.  

We waited for the snow to stop so we could go outside.

The kids were impatient.  
Don't open that door!

Ok, time to go out!
King of the hill!
Eli helped my shovel.  

Then we headed to find the neighbor kids.  
Fort time!

Ariel came to help.

Those are some big snowballs.  
The kids had fun.  

Snowball fight!
Me with John and Joe.
Big tower time.  
Super Bowl!  We really didn't care who won but we watched.  I was a bit surprised that Kansas City was handled so easily by Tampa Bay.  
I thought the Weekend did pretty well during halftime.  


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