Wednesday, February 10, 2021

King of the Hill

It's Wednesday night and there is more snow coming tonight.  I just salted the driveway.  The kids already have a 2 hour delay so they can help shovel.  Back to last Tuesday.  We woke up to a winter wonderland and deer looking for breakfast.  

That's a lot of snow.  
We slept in.  Eli was busy though.  

Time to go out!
We need to find a better way to organize the snow stuff.  
Here we go!  Really deep!

The kids went up to the school.  
Poor Noah had a hard time walking.  
They found a big hill to play on.  

There's Ariel and Alex. 

The boys had fun!

Noah says the groundhog was right!
We got McDonalds delivered for the kids.  So gross.  
Some TikToks before bed.  
Hopefully the snow isn't bad tonight.  


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