Friday, February 19, 2021

The Twins are 6!

Oops. Forgot to post this. 
Last Friday was Noah and Eli's 6th birthday!  They both ran in to our room early and they were excited!  Eli went downstairs to decorate.  
It was also the 100 day of school so they were supposed to dress like old men.  Noah did but Eli insisted on wearing his birthday shirt.  
All the old people at Breezy Point kindergarten.  
Then it was birthday time!  They brought in cupcakes.  
And soft pretzels!
They got presents from their teacher.  
They must have been so happy all day.  
When they got home they ran around looking for their presents that Amy and Ariel had hidden.  
It's become a tradition.  
They got their own Hanukkah elves!
What else boys?  
Then my parents came with their presents.  

Then Heather came with her presents.
We had cupcakes for this night.  Their birthday cake was coming the next night.  
Have a great weekend!


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