Thursday, February 25, 2021

Lazy Day in Margate

It's Thursday night.  The twins will not go to sleep.  We are trying to be patient but it's hard.  At least tomorrow is Friday.  Ariel's bathroom is going so slowly.  They were here from 8-4 today and put down a few feet of tile.  Come on already!  They said they are working slowly to make sure they don't make any mistakes.  I guess that's something.  Back to last Friday.  Eli and I were up early at the beach house.  He went back to fix up his doctor chair.
He was in this set up for days!  
Ariel and Aden had virtual school.  
I took Eli to WaWa and Hot Bagels to pick up breakfast.  
We kept the boys busy while the other two were in class.
Eli strung up these lights himself.  
It was a pajama kind of day.  
Got Sack O' Subs for dinner.  Yum.  
Being silly.  
Bedtime.  They really want to sleep on top.  Not yet.  
Snuggling with my girlie.

Good night boys!  Have a great weekend!


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