Monday, February 22, 2021

Valentine's Day

It's Monday night.  The kids had early dismissal because of yet again more snow.  Actually, it was silly.  It warmed up and turned to rain before they would have come home.  Back to last Sunday, which was Valentine's Day.  The kids got up early to open their valentines.  

Yummy candy from bubbie.  
We got a sitter and Amy and I went to Princeton for lunch.  That was nice.  We ate at Mediterra.  Food was yummy.  
Then we wandered around town and shopped.  We got some nice stuff for the kids.  
Princeton is so pretty.  I wonder if any of my kids could get in there?  
Probably not this one.  Lol.  

Working on a card for Heather.  Her birthday is on Valentine's Day.  

The house is a mess!
I made a slow cooker beef stew.  Eight hours it cooked.  
The day before Ariel's bathroom remodel.  

Going to have a pretty bathroom baby!


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