Sunday, February 28, 2021

Pizza From the Shore

It's Sunday night.  Happy Birthday Mark!  We just got back from having cake with them.  Amy, Melissa, Mark and I had fun tonight trying to remember when we all met all those years ago.  Melissa has been around for 18 of Mark's birthdays!  For me it's 15!  Wow, where does time go?  We went to a water park yesterday.  That was definitely something different.  Other than that it was a pretty quiet weekend.  Back to last Saturday.  

We woke up once again in Margate.  This time with Ariel strangely at our feet.  She almost never sleeps with us.  
The boys took out the trundle bed and were jumping on to it from the top bunk.  
Are they ready to go to college yet?  
Time to make breakfast.  

I took a ride to check on my parent's house.  On the way there, I saw the progress of Lambertis.  Still going so slow.  
The house looked good.  A cover came off.  
It's so sad seeing the pool this way.  
I stopped at Casel's to get some stuff.  
They redecorated a little.  
We went home later that afternoon.  We got to see the progress of Ariel's bathroom.  
Mark and Melissa came for dinner because...
We brought back Mack and Mancos!
Hey Honey.

We also had Johnson's popcorn.  
This was 8 days ago and I'm still eating it!
Yes, I will play ball with you.  


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