Sunday, February 14, 2021

Bloody Toe

It's Sunday night.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Amy and I were even able to get out to lunch today!  It was also a busy weekend with Noah and Eli's birthday.  I will have lots of pictures for next week!  

Last Saturday, Rachel came for cheer.  
Poor Ariel isn't that flexible.  She takes after me.  

Swim time!

After a couple of lessons, Ariel wanted to stop because all she was doing was laps and she didn't like that.  I wouldn't either.  She asked if she could do different things.  

Eli wanted to check out the big pool.  

The teacher made the lesson fun!

Ariel did some diving.  Although it was mostly belly flops.
She cut her toe on the side and needed a bandaid.  
We got home and Eli wanted to play in the snow.  

Then eat some cheese balls.  
Amy's parents came for dinner.  
Aden made an appearance just long enough to wrestle with the rest of the kids.  


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